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The Big Hand

category: webdesign, art direction

agency: deadinbeirute ™

year: 2015

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The Big Hand is a non-governmental development organisation (NGDO) that helps children in need in Africa providing them food, shelter, healthcare and education. The organisation builds schools, invests in equipment, trains teachers and develops inclusive programmes with the community where these children live because it believes that children educated in a healthy environment will change the world for better. One of the most important programmes of the organisation is the sponsorship of children. The challenge for this project was big: not only should we create a new visual - a ‘rebranding’ and ‘rethinking’ - of all the organisation’s communication (except for the logo), we should also create a landing page as a campaign promoting the sponsorship of children before launching the official rebranded website.

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For this campaign we wanted to touch the right people: those willing to help children - either by sponsoring a child, donating money to the organisation’s program or just by sharing the message so that others could see and help too. Following the rules we set ourselves for the new communications we came up with the solution. We used pictures of real children that are being helped by the organisation and we chose the right and truthful words. Combining that with the visual elements of ‘dirty’, real, imperfect lines and textures we designed the new campaign.

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All sponsorships and donations have a special message prepared for sharing on social networks. For those that can’t sponsor or donate there’s a way of helping too by sharing a message on their Facebook page as that will make the organisation visible to more people augmenting the possible chances of getting help. With this project we helped to make a difference in the world - there has been more children helped and many more happy smiles.

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