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Good veggie

category: webdesign, digital art direction

agency: deadinbeirute ™

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Food, experiences, different tastes, exotic sensations and visual delights.This is not a simple website. This is a digital engaging experience - exploring subtle textures, materials, colours, type and equilibrium of shapes and contrasts, making the user almost fell the taste and smell the food.

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This is a dynamic website. The restaurant has a weekly menu so the dishes are different everyday. On the homepage the dishes of the day are highlighted so the user/client can easily see and choose his dish. This is the key feature of the website.

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We created a culinary vegetarian atmosphere with a sense of gourmet simplicity. This was a tasty project to work on. (This project was a proposal for a vegetarian restaurant that never made it through. For privacy/anonymous reasons the name of the restaurant was modified.)

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